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CES 2018 Recap: Total Technology Tsunami

Anything and everything tech were alive and well at CES 2018 with 2.75 million square feet of exhibits and over 1000 presenters. Other surprises included a flood on opening day of the show (after 190 days of no rain in Las Vegas) and a two-hour power outage at the convention center on day two.

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An Open Letter to Manufacturers

There’s a problem in our industry, even with all the cool technology advancements and amazing, fun stuff happening every day. It is sad to say, but new — and existing — products don’t always work well together and it’s an issue of interoperability.

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Collaborate To Deliver

We’ve all had them: trials and tribulations on project installations. The culprit is often poor communication or lack of communication.

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The Technology March

Over the past 130 or so years there have been tremendous technological advancements. Just look at them all — from the telephone, light bulb, radio and television to the cell phone, flat screen display and streaming media — and they keep on coming.

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Enjoying the Outdoors

Everyone is outdoors grilling, swimming, playing, relaxing and hanging out with family and friends. It’s time for you to be the “cool” dealer and provide them new technologies that will make them happy outside.

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Living Digitally

The recent rapid adoption of new technologies is a great thing for this industry, writes Helen Heneveld from bedrock learning. but you need to know how to cash in on consumer demand.

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