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About Bedrock Learning

Dedicated to the Smart Home.

Anticipating the need for qualified technicians, Bedrock Learning emerged in 2004 from 25+ years in the connected home industry.

Recognized as an industry pioneer, Bedrock founder Helen Heneveld, now leads the team in simplifying technology. The full curriculum and service offerings empower technicians and help everyone to succeed in the industry.


Philosophy & Commitment

Learning should be fun and fit into your busy schedule. Training should be available anytime, anywhere, for anyone, and presented in ‘plain English’ with easy-to-understand graphics, animations, and videos at a level everyone can grasp. The Bedrock team has always had a way with teaching technology. Simply put, we make learning happen.


Prepare for a Career

Online courses cover the technology 'behind the products', allowing manufacturers to focus training on product features and installation.

Courses prepare for field work and industry certifications such as:

  • ESPA Certifi ed-EST, Electronic Systems Technician
  • CEDIA Certifications: ESC, ESC-T, ESC-D, ESC-N
  • ETA-RESI, Residential Electronic Systems Integrator

Training and knowledge are verified by quizzes and final tests.
Achievements are documented with Certificates of Completion.

Build Your Lifelong Career

Want to learn more? The Bedrock Team is here for you!