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Online Course Training Advantages

Why work with Bedrock?

  • Bedrock online training is consistent - every course follows the same path, with similar concepts and graphics.
  • Bedrock online training is objective - we give you manufacturer-independent information, what you need to know.
  • Bedrock online training is self-paced - we believe only the user knows the best pace for him to learn.
  • Bedrock online training is user driven - we believe our users want control not just passive watching.
  • Bedrock online training offers learning options - we believe users know what they need to learn.
  • Users navigate through training - paying attention, using additional resources, taking brief review quizzes along the wayNot sure where you are at, please check out our assessment tests.

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Bedrock Online Courses vs. Webinars

What is the difference?

  • Expertly authored course content - self-paced and interactive instruction in manageable sections
  • Online Glossary – “plain English” definitions of key industry and technology terms
  • In-Depth Course Supplements – additional explanation of important technologies
  • Project Management Tips – proven advice for successfully managing projects in "real-world" situations
  • Instructional Videos – demonstrate important techniques to prepare students for fieldwork
  • Section Quizzes – recapping the most recently learned materials to reinforce understanding
  • Quizzes – ‘open book’ quizzes at the end of each section emphasize and review important information
  • Final Test – a 40-question, multiple choice, true/false,
    'closed book' test measuring comprehension
  • Access to online course content valid for 90 days to work and review at your own pace
  • Certificate of Completion - upon successful conclusion of the course, the certificate establishes credibility within the industry
  • Webinars are online presentations about specific topics, usually with voice over
  • Targeted for key audiences using online technology as a means of communication
  • First time a webinar occurs, it can be “live” and then archived for viewing anytime
  • Archived webinars are one-way with no interaction between the viewer and the presentation
  • Webinar content varies depending on the presenter and it may stray off topic and not be consistent
  • Webinar content can drift based on the questions asked by attendees when it was presented live
  • Viewers cannot ask questions in an archived webinar; they can only watch and listen
  • Webinars don’t have interactive quizzes that verify the learning and comprehension of the material
  • Webinars typically don’t have a final test for verification of knowledge gained
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How It Works

After enrolling, students are emailed a User ID and Password enabling them to login anytime to the Bedrock Learning training system.

Each student has a unique My Training page showing a list of courses enrolled in and completed.

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