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The World Is Connected; Are You?

In case you hadn’t noticed, everything and everyone around you, including your customers, are connected 24/7. You can’t deny it or avoid it; a seismic shift has happened with the digital revolution, and it’s a complex web of connections that has gone worldwide.

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CES 2018 Recap: Total Technology Tsunami

Anything and everything tech were alive and well at CES 2018 with 2.75 million square feet of exhibits and over 1000 presenters. Other surprises included a flood on opening day of the show (after 190 days of no rain in Las Vegas) and a two-hour power outage at the convention center on day two.

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An Open Letter to Manufacturers

There’s a problem in our industry, even with all the cool technology advancements and amazing, fun stuff happening every day. It is sad to say, but new — and existing — products don’t always work well together and it’s an issue of interoperability.

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Collaborate To Deliver

We’ve all had them: trials and tribulations on project installations. The culprit is often poor communication or lack of communication.

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Bedrock Learning Launches New Website

Bedrock Learning, the leading independent training provider in the connected home industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website. Substantial enhancements provide visitors with expanded relevant information and easy access to online training, assessment tests and content services.

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What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is equipped with smart devices that are connected to your home network. Learn about the advantages of having a smart home.

Is Your Home Office Secure?

If you’re running your home office on the same network as the rest of your house, you may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Learn how to minimize threats to your network.

Bedrock Learning Wins 2016 Mark of Excellence Award

Bedrock Learning, the leading independent training provider in the connected home industry, announced today they are the recipients of a Mark of Excellence Award which recognizes the best in custom integration and installed technology from manufacturers,distributors and systems integrators across more than 30 award categories.

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