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Project Mgmt. Forms


Price: $129

Project Management forms for the Connected Home Industry

Includes over 70 adaptable forms and other documents for industry-proven PM success. Get flowcharts, administration, design, documentation, installation forms along with PM tips.  New and mature businesses gain valuable knowledge and ideas to increase profitability.

These Microsoft Word™, Excel™, and Visio™ files can be customized for your own use to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.
Several of the forms are also available in ‘fillable’ PDF versions to simplify data entry and expedite the documentation process.

Administration Forms

Organize your projects and ensure well functioning systems are in place with these industry-proven forms. Good project management is critical to your success.

  • Agenda – Project Mgmt Meeting
  • Agenda – Project Turnover Meeting
  • Change Order
  • Client Concern
  • Labor Reconciliation
  • Products-Sources Matrix
  • Project Closeout Checklist
  • Project Completion – Client Signoff
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Log
  • Purchase Request
  • RMA Log
  • RMA Transmittal
  • Schedule Board
  • Scheduling Procedure
  • Shipper
  • Time Card – full page
  • Time Card – half page
  • Tool Receipt
  • Transmittal Cover Sheet
  • Work Order
  • Work-In-Process Report

Design Worksheets

Utilize these worksheets to optimize your designs and provide quality communication with clients and other professionals.

  • Audio
  • Controlled Lighting & Devices
  • Equipment Dimensions
  • Home Theater
  • HVAC Interface
  • Lighting Control Keypads
  • Lighting Scenes
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Music Preset Programming
  • Other Controlled Devices
  • Phone Setup
  • PLC Lighting
  • Remote Programming
  • Security
  • Structured Cabling
  • Vacuum

Project Documentation

Record the many aspects of a project and be able to clearly share them with others. Eliminate problems that can arise from poor documentation by capturing details with these forms:

  • Alarm and Access Codes
  • Block Diagram, Complex – Audio/Video
  • Block Diagram, Simple – Audio
  • Block Diagram, Simple – Home Theater
  • Cabinet layout
  • Diagram – Equipment Locations
  • Home Network Configuration
  • Keypad Operating Instructions
  • Layout, Acoustics – Dedicated Theater
  • Layout, Risers & Furniture – Dedicated Theater
  • Layout, Sight Lines – Dedicated Theater
  • Project Binder Contents
  • Project Binder Cover Template
  • Project Binder Spine Template
  • Project Information
  • Schematic – Audio/Video
  • Telephone System Quick Instructions

Installation Forms

Ensure consistency, accuracy, and good communication throughout the installation process. Your clients and employees will thank-you for it!

  • Cable Schedule
  • Cable Tags
  • Checklist 1 – Walkthrough
  • Checklist 2 – Pre-Wire
  • Checklist 3 – Trim-Out
  • Checklist 4 – Finish
  • Final Punch List
  • RF Analysis Worksheet
  • Security Maintenance Check-Up
  • Tool Inventory List

Resource Documents

Gain valuable industry knowledge and ideas to streamline your business.

  • 20 Secrets to Successful Project Management
  • Common RF Problems
  • Conversion Chart
  • Low Voltage Pre-Wire Guidelines
  • Recommended Tools List
  • Symbols Summary
  • Typical Cable Use Chart

Flow Charts

Document and visually communicate your processes to improve understanding and efficiency with these charts:

  • Organizational Chart
  • Construction Process
  • Project Overview
  • Sales Process
  • Project Setup
  • Pre-Wire Install
  • Trim-Out Install
  • Final Install
  • Client Support
  • Service Call