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Project Management for Residential Installation


Online Course Length: 6 hours | Course Price: $199
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Improve performance & profitability from sales through design, installation, documentation, and follow-up

This powerful course shares the secrets and skills necessary for any low-voltage installation company to implement a successful project management system. Explore procedures, forms, and documents to get organized, streamline processes and improve documentation and communication.


No previous project management experience is required, though an understanding of the industry is recommended. This course is for company owners, project managers, and individuals involved in installation projects of all sizes and want to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and become masters at project management.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Share an overview and the benefits of project management
  • Explain the importance of on-time, on budget, quality work
  • Identify the phases, workflow, and tasks of a project
  • Use forms and documents to get projects under control
  • Describe processes and procedures of project management
  • Implement tools to accomplish a project from start to finish
  • Manage budget, purchasing, changes, and documentation

Learning Process and Evaluation

Each student receives a user name and password that provides private and monitored access to the online course.
Progression through the course is managed through an LMS (Learning Management System).
Each course is divided into 10 to 14 sections and at the end of each section the student is given a Quiz consisting of 5 to 10 questions randomly selected from a pool of questions. A score of 100% is required to progress to the next section. The student is notified which questions are correct or incorrect. The student can then review the materials and answer the questions again. There are unlimited attempts at each Quiz.
Upon completion of all the course material and section Quizzes, the student is required to take a 25 to 40 question Final Test randomly selected from a pool of questions. A score of 80% or better is considered a passing grade and the student will receive notification of his score. A Certificate of Completion will be available for the student to print when the Final Test is successfully completed.

Course Outline

1. Course Information

  • System Requirements
  • Navigating the Course
  • Course Learning Objectives

2. Overview of Project Management

  • The Digital Home
  • Project Cycle
  • Project Management Goals
  • Project Managers Role

3. Benefits of a Project Management System

  • Performance and Quality
  • Deliver Project On Budget
  • Deliver Project On Time

4. Tools of Project Management

  • Accounting Folder Set-Up
  • Project Folder Set-Up and Contents
  • Scheduling
  • Types of Documentation

5. Flow Charts

  • Construction Process
  • Sales and Project Set-Up Processes
  • Project Work: Pre-Wire, Trim-Out and Final Installation
  • Client Support

6. Administration Forms

  • Project Management Meetings
  • RMA Transmittals and Logs
  • Client Concerns

7. Design Worksheets

  • Design Worksheets
  • Equipment Worksheets
  • Lighting Control Worksheets
  • Cable Schedule

8. Documentation Drawings

  • Block Diagrams
  • Schematics
  • Cabinet and Design Layouts

9. Installation Support Documents

  • Work and Change Orders
  • Recommended Tools List
  • Wire Use Chart
  • Common RF Problems

10. Installation Work Organization

  • Procedures
  • Schedule board
  • Project Record-keeping
  • Shop and Truck Organization

11. Sales Process

  • Estimating Procedures
  • Sales Process Worksheets
  • Benefits and Challenges of Proposal Software

12. Case Study: Project Set-Up

  • Steps in project Set-Up Phase
  • Case Study Family Introduction
  • Sample Accounting Folder
  • Sample Project Folder
  • Sample Documentation Forms

13. Case Study: Pre-Wire

  • Pre-Wire Installation Documentation
  • Site Walkthrough
  • Pre-Wire Tasks

14. Case Study: Trim-Out

  • Trim-Out Installation Documentation
  • Trim-Out Tasks

15. Case Study: Final Installation

  • Final Installation Documentation
  • Completion Tasks

16. Client Support and Documentation

  • Client Follow-Up and Review
  • Project Closeout Checklist
  • Maintenance Agreements

17. Financial Management

  • Purchasing Procedures
  • Labor Reconciliation and Job Costing
  • Project Audit and Cost Analysis

18. Course Summary